Beside its great landscapes iceland has a lot more things to enjoy, for example art and especially urban art. You can find some pieces all over the precious island at places you would never have expected them. This blog will show some of the stuff to you and help you to find it, when you are around. It´ll give you some hints and hopefully cast the one or the other smile in your face.

Unfortunately espiacelly street art is not invincible, cause loads of people feel bothered of it and destroy it, so some of the pictures that are shown here, are a reminiscene of works, that vanished.

This blog urbanart-iceland understands itself as a web 2.0 project, where everybody is invited to help to collect more urban art views and present it to other interested persons. Just send pictures you took (and add, where you took it) to:

I´ll publish it, with your name or anonymous – however you prefer.
Feel very welcome to comment what you see, but stay polite and respect the artist.

This map gives an overview about the art-pieces in Iceland you see:

urbanart iceland auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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